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What is an Online Game?

An online game is a virtual game that is played on the internet or an equivalent technology. It can be a video game that is played over some form of computer network also.

Online games ranges between simple texts based environments to complex games that incorporate complex graphics and virtual worlds. This is populated simultaneously by many players.

Online games have expanded with the expansion of overall computer networks. It grew from small local networks to the internet and the growth in the access of internet itself. Many online games have associated with online communities and have become a type of social activity. It has now grown way beyond being a single player game.

Many people, more than 1.2 billion people are playing games worldwide. This has been reported by Spil Games in a State of the Industry Report. Among them, about 700 million play online games, which amounts to 44% of the world’s online population.

The Uses of Online Games

Playing online games helps in increasing the player’s develop:

  • Complex Problem Solving Skills.
  • Leadership Skills.
  • Ability to deal with unexpected consequences in a better manner.

Online games enhance:

  • A player’s skills of observations.
  • Player’s Intuitive abilities.
  • Player’s alertness and concentration.

The Psychological Benefits of Online Games:

  • It helps in relieving stress in players.
  • It helps in developing many creative skills.
  • It helps the players to stay engaged.
  • It promotes communication and teamwork.
  • It provides good and constructive entertainment to the players.

Online games can be played on the modern gaming platforms, which include the PCs, consoles and the mobile devices. These games include First Person Shooters, Strategy Games and Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games or MMORPG, Multiplayer Online battle arena games, Battle Royale games, Console Gaming, Browser Games, MUD, Player versus Environment and Player versus Players etc.

Online games have attracted players from all age groups. It includes the people of all Nationalities and Occupations. The Online gamers must agree to an End User License Agreement, before they first install their game application or do an update.

There may be risks of Cyber bullying, Privacy Problems, Personal Information left on Consoles or Computers, the Webcam worries, online predators, Hidden Fees and malware in online games playing. These issues must be looked into carefully by the player before starting playing online games.

However, the today’s world is the world of online games. A very big industry of online casinos has emerged worldwide because of the Online Gaming facilities. The players can bet or wager on games and other events online because of the online casinos. These online casinos are based on online games. This is a multibillion dollar industry that is spread all over the world. Online casino has almost taken over the land casino in business and in popularity.

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