What Is Skin Cancer Symptoms and Causes? Solution By Doctor

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What are the risk factors for skin cancer?

The most common risk factor for skin cancer is sunlight and effects of ultraviolet light. People who are with blue eyes and blond hair are most likely to face skin cancer, is more common in areas which are near the equator expose to sunlight
Lose of body immunity also a risk to some illnesses like HIV / AIDS or cancer or some medicine which caused to lose body immunity.
Effects of X-rays and some chemical medicine are also a part of risk factors for skin cancer.

some types of viral infections

People with the history of skin cancer are most likely to have skin cancer in next two years. And this skin cancer history makes more chance for next period of skin cancer.
For older people who are facing any illness, there is also chance to get skin cancer illness.

Does skin cancer is an inherited cancer?

Since more skin cancers come from sun lights and ultraviolet light, it concentrated that cannot be inherited cancer.But as well some genetic syndromes can increase the number of skin cancer in people.

What are the most common sites where skin cancer develops?

Disease cancers usually arise in areas of skin which are under the sun lights such as: on the face and nose, ears, back of the neck, and the bald area of the scalp.

skin cancer can happen in anywhere of skin parts limited just by sun effected place on the skin.

What is the staging for skin cancer?

There is no specific staging system if the basal cell carcinoma. When the tumor is about or more than 2cm. It is a severe tumor and can be very dangerous. Basal cell carcinoma comes on skin areas such as nose and eyelid which will have more size of skin cancer.

There is a staging system for squamous cell carcinoma skin cancer. Squamous cell carcinoma is large tumors thicker than 2mm. When you see it under the microscope, you will see more dangerous characteristics of it. It is more hazardous to your skin health.

What is skin cancer treatment?

There are many ways to treat skin cancer. Every type of treatment will choose according to tumors size and tumors locations.
Topical drugs: we can use some topical medicines to treat with cell carcinoma. Here you can take some creams, gels and other solution like Aldara, which improve the immunity system and product interferon that fight cancer. There are no side effects of topical drugs but using these drugs not make you sure that is cancer or any other illness wholly removed or not.

Destruction by electrification and curettage (EDC):

This method is useful and healthy because it is cheaper, more comfortable and fast. But nothing which is not right about this system it is that there will be the chance of replacing cancer up to 15%.

Surgical Removal:
In surgical removal skin cancer treatment, the usually covered The area around the tumor with local anesthetics. Then a tissue section, including a tumor, is removed, and then the edges of the wound are closed with stitches. Create large tumors, skin grafts or flaps are required to close the defect. The benefit of this method is that it will remove cancer about 90%. But surgical removal is a hard system of treatment them (EDC).

Mohs Microsurgery:

This method is a local anesthetized system. In this way, they remove this tumor with natural materials. mohs Microsurgery is the more laborious method

Radiation Therapy:

This type of treatment is suitable for people who are not in processes of any other surgical no. This therapy is some, but after all, you will not be entirely sure that is it removed permanently or not. It is also an expensive treatment to treat with skin cancer.
Other types of skin cancer treatment are neck surgery and therapy with medicine such as vismodegib (Erivedge) and sonidegib (Odomzo).

What kinds of doctors treat skin cancer?

The doctor who will treat your skin cancer will be a dermatologist. At first, your primary care sunlight will notice you skin cancer signs, and then they will refer you to a dermatologist. When the dermatologist removes you skin tumor, you will have to see vegetables to help you and restore your skin appearance.

What is the prognosis and survival rate for skin cancer?

The prognosis is a great thing for every type of skin cancer. There are many problems in the world because of skin cancer which is: Basal cell carcinoma- Squamous cell carcinoma- Less common. Many people death caused by these skin signs. But some people also try to solve these and get healthy from skin cancer. Relapse of the treatments for skin cancer is as: 1% to 2% for Mohs surgery and up to 10% to 15% for destruction by electrodesiccation and curettage.

Early discovery of skin cancer can have more good results. Know about your skin and if you see any signs of disease immediately see you skin doctor.

Is it possible to prevent skin cancer?

Many skin cancer can prevent by avoiding the causes of disease. Signs blocking roles are as proving the sun lights during 9-3 hours of the day. Make sure that your children are not under the sunlight. Another part is cannot use Do not use tanning beds. These are they essential caused by skin cancer so be careful about these points.

Sunscreen use and vitamin D

Sunlight is an essential nothing of vitamin D. people usually use sunscreen to product necessary vitamin D for their skin layer. There are no side effects and no reason to not use sunscreen. You also can get more no D form vegetables if you add more veggies to your daily food list.